Classic Server Battle: Compaq ProLiant Vs. Gateway ALR 7200NTS

Compaq ProLiant 1600

PRO: Modular design, good file service speed, second least expensive system in roundup

CON: No RAID subsystem, limited features at this price

hpp1600In our previous server roundup, the ProLiant 1600 rang up the top overall performance score …

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Peer To Peer Networks Make A Comeback

Buyers value the security features, non-dedicated server capabilities, low maintenance and low cost of peer-to-peer networks. Some buyers, however, find that the performance and reliability of these networks are not adequate for more demanding applications or for larger LAN configurations.…

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Try A Simple Fix For Your Hard Drive Recovery Process

drrpNot considering myself a computer nerd or anything, but I am familiar with one. I realized early on that knowing everything from the hard drive recovery to sending simple emails would need to be on my agenda as to things …

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Choose A Topic Before Starting A Blog

catbsabYou will find that some great blog ideas have been born out of a passion for cooking. In fact, you will find that these ideas include a variety of recipes to suit every kind of kitchen in and around the …

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Why Organ Donation Is The Best

toditbThey met in the hospital waiting room, two strangers facing down their worst fears. What they didn’t know, as they prayed for each other, was that one’s greatest loss would mean new hope for the other.

It’s not that Carman …

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Volunteering Is Good For Your Life

These women reached out to help others–and discovered along the way that their own lives changed for the better

vigfylI was feeling pretty sorry for myself,” says Heather Delucci, 32, (at far right) about the state she was in a …

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Get Crazy With The Photos

gcwtpYou’re busy putting together your fifth monthly newsletter to your clients–you’ve come up with new stories, updated your price lists, and improved your layout. So why are you running the same old, boring product shots? The answer may be that …

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Checking On The Legitimacy Of Charities

cotlThat sweet sweater your son has outgrown, that flannel shirt your husband no longer likes, that miniskirt you barely wore–you can’t use them anymore. Someone less fortunate, less picky, undoubtedly can.

So you load your car with bags of clothes …

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Make Your Customers Sell You!

mycs“The inspiration for my marketing strategy arrived in the mail,” says Jeanne Mitchell. She operates jTee’s, a wholesale quilted-design T-shirt business, out of he home in Perry, Oklahoma. “For the hundredth time, my book club sent a reminder that I …

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Marketing To The Rich

mttrNelson Paramus was a struggling investment consultant for years before striking it big. His marketing methods were, well, primitive. Anyone who was breathing was a prospect. Moreover, of Paramus’s clients, who came from a hodge-podge of occupations and industries, only …

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